Data Repository

This repository contains data related to the ship and crew of the USS Frederick C. Davis. Most of the data was taken from the internet at various sites. 

If there any discrepancies that you are aware of please contact us or leave a comment below so that we can correct it. 

The following videos were downloaded from the National Archives ( All give credit to the USS Frederick Davis. My assumption is that these videos were filmed either on board the ship or by the crew. There was a photographer on board assigned to the Special Mission Crew (See The Secret Weapon secton of this website for more on the Special Mission Crew).

Video 1 April 1944 : Shot List (short description of the shots in the video per the archive website)

1) MS SCU Man works control in sub, control torpedo.2) SCU Tail rudder assembly works, dual prop turns.3) GV SHS-Pan Midget sub, on duck U.S. soldiers view 4) SCU Hands work fuse-like mechanism.

Crew List for website.pdf
letter from Albert Ray Adcock.pdf