Crew Pictures

These pictures originated from my grandfather, William Glass, who brought home a box of pictures when he was on leave. I believe that all of the pictures were taken by the ship's photographer. All of them had writing on the back of the pictures but not a date. The writing that was on the back is typed at the top of each picture below.

If anyone can identify crew members in the pictures, please let me know so that it can be noted!   Thanks!   

 Crew Division Pictures


"Ship Officers. The Lt. seated on far right is our Engineering Officer.          

A pretty good egg".

     "Ordinance Division"

"Deck Apes"                                                                                                     

       "More Deck Apes"

"Ship cooks and Store Keepers"                                                                 

    "The "E" division (snipes) best division on the ship"

"Communications Division"

Admin note: In the 2nd row list of names; theres a handwritten note "COMBS?". This has been confirmed by Combs son as his dad, James Aaron Combs.

Crew members at work on the fantail during the Anzio Operation

Oran, North Africa. Beer Party


"A beer party we had in Oran, North Africa"

"This is what we carried our beer in to the party"                                       

   "Don't know where I was when this was taken but I was there".

 "Carl DeLuca is in foreground. Daddy's best friend" (handwritten note by mom)

Ship's Party - Oran, North Africa

"Ships party - Oran. The officer in center is now our captain".                        

(Captain Crosby)

"Ships party - Oran. There are all our boys. I missed out on this one"

"The same ships party. Looks like the boys are kinda going for that beer. It's not very good tho."


Lt. Commander Robbins becomes captain

"When Lt. Commander Robbins (left) became captain of our ship. Dec 1943"

      "Mr. Robbins first inspection".


French Foreign Legion Sidi-Bel-Abbes, Algeria


"One of our boys dressed in a French Foreign Legion outfit. 

Didi-Bel-Abbes (about 60 miles from Oran)".   

Russian dancer at French Foreign Legion - Thats me with my hand over my face". 

"Why men go crazy in North Africa - Sidi-Bel-Abbes. Thats one of our boys".            

    "This is our chow at the F.F.L. outpost".


"Some of our officers and men in Pompeii. The boy on the extrme right was our photographer mate and took most of these pictures"

"Mr. Brown our asst. engineering officer"