The following are from the reunions for the FC Davis. After this section are the newsletters that were published.

Note: If anyone has any more info or documents on the reunions and newsletters, please let us know.  Can use the CONTACT US section to let us know. 

1981 Reunion

From the 1981 Wisconsin reunion on Memorial Day.

Behind the podium is Minnie Davis, the mother of Frederick Davis, and Bill Riemer 

Wilbur Nye (Second row, second from left)

Bill Riemer is kneeling (middle) in first row

As a note, please notice the SURVIVORS and the LOST IN ACTION counts at the bottom left. I have seen a couple of different numbers for the lost in action with 115 KIA as the most common.

1989 Reunion

1990 Reunion

2002 Reunion

From the 2002 Reunion at Indianapolis. Please let us know if you can supply any names to the picture

2003 Reunion  

DE-136 Reunion 2003 05.pdf

2005 Reunion

DE-136 Reunion 2005 July.pdf

The following are the USS FC Davis Newsletters.

March 1993

DE-136 newsletter 1993 03.pdf

December 1995

DE-136 newsletter 1995 12.pdf

January 1997

DE-136 newsletter 1997 01.pdf

October 1998

DE-136 newsletter 1998 10.pdf

October 2000

DE-136 newsletter 2000 10.pdf

November 2000

DE-136 newsletter 2000 11.pdf

Feb 2001

De-136 newsletter 2001 02.pdf

July 2001

DE-136 newsletter 2001 07.pdf

October 2001

DE-136 newsletter 2001 10.pdf

April 2002

DE-136 newsletter 2002 04.pdf

May 2002

DE-136 newsletter 2002 05.pdf

July 2002

DE-136 newsletter 2002 07.pdf

December 2002

DE-136 newsletter 2002 12.pdf

November 2004

DE-136 newsletter 2004 11.pdf

December 2006

DE-136 newsletter 2006 12.pdf

March 2007

DE-136 reunion 2007 03.pdf